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Making art keeps me grounded and in touch with what’s important in life and through the creative process I tap into a deeper understanding of myself and the world around me. Through my art I can reach others beyond the limits of language. Expressing the dynamic relationship between our human experience and our primordial connection with the rest of the natural world is the impetus of my work.


I love working in stone because it is an ageless process that links me to the earth, and our expressive history. Although my tools and equipment are modern I’m still doing what sculptors have done through the ages. I chisel, grind, sand and polish stone to release the form and spirit contained within.   Working in clay allows me to play with and reform the crust of the earth much like our ancestors have done for eons. Photography allows me to capture the moment and manipulate reality to suit my sensibilities.


I welcome you to my galleries, and hope you enjoy the experience

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