Nichole Sharpe is a northwest artist whose work has captured the interest of private collectors and gallery curators alike. She works primarily in a three dimensional format. However, she also delves into the creative process through the use of photography.  Throughout her creative explorations Nichole is fascinated with the dynamic relationship between the human condition and our primal connection with the rest of the natural world. Nichole creates emotionally inspiring works of art that are both beautiful and compelling. Often her finished sculptures call out to us to run our fingers lightly along their surfaces to prove that these captivating works of art are really made of stone.


Each of Nichole’s sculptures has a unique origin. Some of her pieces begin with an idea, or design sketch leading to a search for just the right stone. Other works of art start life when Nichole comes upon a stone that feels right, and she lets the stone and the moment take control of her carving. Although, Nichole’s primary medium is stone, she is also drawn to the metamorphic stone-like qualities of fired clay. She has created many ceramic works of art, and is starting to explore clay as a foundation for her bronze sculptures as well. Whatever the process or the medium the result is an artistic alchemy; she transforms minerals into expressions of life and emotion.


Nichole was born in St. Louis, Missouri and raised in California. She comes from an artistic family. Her mother was a political cartoonist, and also worked as an artist in pastels and oils. Her brother is a well known woodworking artist living in Oregon. Nichole migrated to the Pacific Northwest in 1975. She has kept busy over the years raising her son, completing her graduate degree, and attending to her professional obligations as an education consultant. Through the years Nichole has always turned to the arts and art making as a way of grounding her life and stimulating creative energies. As a child she used dance as a means of self-expression. It was in her teens that Nichole began to explore the visual arts, first clay hand building, then later sketching, papermaking, clay sculpting, photography and stone sculpting. In January 2003 Nichole began working as an artist full time. She currently lives in Seattle, Washington where she works in her home based studio.








1999   THE OTHER ROADSIDE ATTRACTION GALLERY, Mount Vernon, Washington     




2003    TRINE STUDIO, Seattle, Washington

            KIRSTEN GALLERY, Seattle, Washington



            PROVIDENCE MEDICAL CENTER, Mill Creek, Washington

            LAKE OSWEGO FESTIVAL OF THE ARTS, Lake Oswego, Oregon

            KIRSTEN GALLERY, Seattle, Washington

            ARTIST GALLERY OF SEATTLE, Seattle, Washington

            THE FLOWER AND GARDEN SHOW, Seattle, Washington


2005   WESTCOT BAY INSTITUTE, San Juan Island, Washington

CROOKED LION FINE ART, Lynden, Washington

            ARTIST GALLERY OF SEATTLE, Seattle, Washington

            GALLERY AT UTSALADY BAY, Camano Island, Washington


2007    KIRSTEN GALLERY, Seattle, Washington

            MARENAKOS STONEARIUM Gallery, Seattle, Washington

            EDMONDS ART GALLERY, Edmonds Washington


2008    BLUE HORSE GALLERY, Bellingham, Washington

EDMONDS ART GALLERY, Edmonds, Washington


2009    BLUE HORSE GALLERY, Bellingham, Washington

KIRSTEN GALLERY, Seattle, Washington


2010    BLUE HORSE GALLERY, Bellingham, Washington



Sample of Private Collections

Sue Noble, Seattle, WAshington

Patrice Lewis, Seattle, WAshington

Suzzanna Goldman, phoenix, arizona

Janet Novinger, seattle, washington

Don Johnson and Cindy Weeks, clinton washington

Ginny Matheson, seattle, washington

Donavan Krish, seattle, washington

Skip Cain, seattle, washington

Elaine Waller, Seattle Wachington

Bob & Diane Shrewsbury, Edmonds Washington

Rick & Carolanne Baccari, Seattle Washington



            “First Bird” to Woodland Park Zoo, for action. Brought in $3000.00

            “Renewed” to Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, for action. Brought in $1800.00