| 08 December, 2013 09:28

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The Story Behind “Balance”

| 29 May, 2013 15:25

As an artist I find that maintaining a sense of balance in life can often be challenging.  This piece was created at a practically hectic period in my life. I had just moved into a new studio, and started working as an artist full time.  Balance, like most of my pieces, was produced through direct carving. 

Direct carving is an approach to creating sculpture where there is no preliminary sketch, or model made.  Although, one may be inspired by an idea or feeling the form starts to emerge as the artist interacts with the stone.  When I started working on the finishing process, I realized the form was perfectly balanced and could stand on its own.  I found myself laughing at the symbolism and its relationship to my current situation.  I guess we find Balance where we can.

The story behind the sculpture "French Connection"

| 04 May, 2013 14:28


French Connection - This sculpture was one of the first more abstract pieces I created.  I wanted to explore the connection between the masculine and famine and to create a feeling of the interplay between these two forces without getting too caught up in the details of the human form.


This sculpture was designed for each figure to fit precisely into the base much like puzzle pieces; with the feminine figure needing to be placed in the base first and the masculine requiring precise placement to establish the connection.  During the entire creation of this piece I listened exclusively to French music, thus the name “French Connection.”